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  • Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Christian?

    Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma says that many people in America today are “afraid of faith” and that too many American Christians today treat their faith like a weekend “hobby.”

    Lankford, who previously served as the director of student ministries at the Baptist Convention of Oklahoma and is a tireless voice for religious freedom on Capitol Hill, appeared as a guest on Family Research Council President Tony Perkins’ special National Religious Freedom Day broadcast of his “Washington Watch” radio program Tuesday.

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  • Meat or Vegetables: What’s the Christian Choice?

    Is it God’s will that we consume a plant-based diet? Frightening blood test results from my doctor recently prompted me to ponder this question.

    My triglycerides were at 961. Normal is considered less than 150. My non-HDL cholesterol was also in the “very high” range at 229, rather than an “optimal” less than 130. Since I want to be alive to meet my grandchildren someday, I decided to begin a mostly plant-based diet.

    What does the Bible say?

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  • Former Church for Life Pastor Taught Young Women to Masturbate, Orgasm in Pre-Marriage Classes, Suit Says

    (Photo: Facebook)Robert and Cindy Litzinger.

    A mother of two has filed a lawsuit against former Church for Life pastor Robert Litzinger and his wife Cindy, alleging sexual battery, assault and harassment stemming from a slew of incidents, including teaching young women how to masturbate and orgasm in preparation for their husbands in pre-marriage classes.

    Robert Litzinger, explains the Santa Maria Times, stepped down from the helm of the California church in June 2016 after complaints were made to church personnel about opinions he allegedly shared on viewing pornography in one of his pre-marital classes.

    The lawsuit filed by a Jane Doe in her 30s alleges that Litzinger’s wife, Cindy, knowingly co-conspired in the misconduct from 2014-16. Shortly after Litzinger stepped down, the mother learned that she was not the only victim of the unwanted advances and more than a dozen women had similar stories to share.

    Doe charged in the lawsuit that Litzinger exploited his position as lead pastor to “cultivate an atmosphere within Church for Life, through which he could satisfy his sexual fetishes.”

    In pre-marital classes, she alleged that the pastor would try and “prepare the young women for their husbands and their wedding night,” advising the women on how to masturbate, have an orgasm and explore their bodies, in order to be “prepared and willing to do whatever their husbands wanted.”

    He would also share photos with Doe of himself and Cindy, covered in bed, with a note saying “just had a great session” and urged her to be similarly open with him about her sex life. He reportedly badgered her until she complied with his request.

    Litzinger and his wife appear very open about their love for each other in a video posted to YouTube.

    “My wife, my lover and we get to sleep together and all that kind of stuff,” the ex-pastor says as he introduces his wife at a church event.

    “Thanks babe,” Cindy replies in the video as Robert kisses her before the congregation.

    “I love you. I love you,” she says as he walks off stage.

    “We slept great together last night too, just in case you were wondering,” she then tells the church. “We did great, we actually slept.”

    The lawsuit claims Cindy facilitated her husband’s sexual conduct and the church allegedly took no action against them prior to their departure in 2016.

    Doe charged that she was invited to a prayer group at the couple’s home once and the pastor groped her breasts and genitals. When she complained to Cindy, the groping was dismissed as an “innocent mistake.”

    Cindy’s attorneys denied allegations that she aided and abetted Robert’s alleged sexual conduct and insisted Doe’s allegation of groping was “an innocent mistake.”

    Doe said when she eventually complained to other pastors at the church but “those complaints fell on deaf ears,” the lawsuit said, and she was directed to speak with Litzinger about her concerns directly.

    Memphis Pastor Andy Savage Says He Offered to Resign Over Sexual Assault but Church Stood by Him

    Pastor Andy Savage Won’t Face Charges for Sexual Assault; Janet Mefferd Says He Shouldn’t Be Pastor

    14-Y-O Christian Girl Kidnapped and Sold to Muslim Leader for $160, Open Doors Says

    Memphis Megachurch Pastor Andy Savage Admits to Sexually Assaulting Teen in Past, Says He Repented Immediately

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