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Pokémon Sun and Moon’ News: Participants Can Claim Their Rewards for Completing Sixth Global Mission

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After doing their best to harvest as many Poké Beans as they could over the course of the sixth “Pokémon Sun and Moon” Global Mission’s run, players who participated can now claim their well-deserved rewards.

Twitter courtesy of PokémonRewards for the sixth ‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ Global Mission are now being distributed

For those who may have missed it, the base goal of the most recent Global Mission was for players to harvest a total of at least 3 million Poké Beans. There was also a bonus goal set that could be completed if players somehow managed to collect a total of 6 million Poké Beans.

As it turns out, those goals proved to be quite easy to meet for the participants. By the end of the mission’s duration, players managed to gather a whopping total of 75,230,246 Poké Beans, which is pretty impressive.

Players can now drop by the Festival Plaza Castle and speak to the Global Mission Receptionist there to receive their rewards. And because the goals were met, all participating players will now be able to receive at least 2,000 Festival Coins.

The rewards are even more lucrative for those “Pokémon Sun and Moon” players who are also Global Link members, as they can obtain 4,000 Festival Coins. Furthermore, one Level Ball each will also be handed out to the Global Link members.

Also, the Global Link members who harvested at least 30 Poké Beans on their own are also eligible to receive five Rare Candies.

With the rewards for the sixth Global Mission now being handed out, players can now turn their attention to the seventh one that is currently expected to start on May 30, according to a recent post on Serebii.

An end date for this next mission is still unavailable, though it has been revealed that it will involve fishing for Pokémon at the bubbling spots.

Additional details regarding the seventh “Pokémon Sun and Moon” Global Mission should be made available soon.

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