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Prey’ Treasure Hunt: Find Four Maps and Unlock a Reward

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“Prey” has only hit the shelves, but many players have already managed to comb through the main game. However, there is more to the game that is being let on.

(Photo: Bethesda Game Studios)A promotional photo of the video game “Prey.”

The first-person action-adventure video game has an optional quest that involves some a hunt with a special reward awaiting them at the end of the mission.

This “Prey” quest involves locating four maps given to Danielle Sho, Zachary West, Elias Black and Emma Beatty by game master Abigail Foy in a game of Fatal Fortress.

The maps will then lead players to the digits that comprise a code, which they will then use to unlock Abigail’s room, where the price is waiting.

To initiate the secret “Prey” quest, head over to the Crew Quarters and look for an email named “Treasure Hunt” on Danielle’s computer, which will provide the details and objectives for the mission.

First to look for is the Hordinbaffle Flagdastreous Map given to Zachary. The map is on his corpse located at the Arboretum near the air lock on the first floor.

“Prey” players can get there by taking the Deep Storage elevator from the main floor. The map should reveal an illustration of a room with three circular objects in the middle.

The diagram actually matches the blueprint of the water treatment facility on the second basement level. The arrow on the sketch points to a number three on the wall, which will be the first clue to register on the quest log.

The next map to look for is the Rosalyn Swyft’s Treasure Map, which a mind-controlled Emma has in possession. She can be found on the first level of the Crew Quarters. “Prey” players will have to fight or kill her for it.

The Rosalyn Map will take gamers to the Cargo Bay, then to the GUTS loading bay on the first level found on the southwest corner of the map. Next to a container is the number five on the wall. Register it on the quest log as the second clue.

The next map for “Prey” players to find is the Captain Stabfellow Map held by Elias. It is on the second level of the recreation center at the Crew Quarters.

The map sits on a large table with a giant Fatal Fortress screen above it, next to a Captain Stabfellow character sheet. It should lead “Prey” hunters to the recycler room, where fans will find a number six on the wall as the clue.

The fourth and final map, the Melindra Shadowcorner Map, can be found on Danielle’s workstation at the Deep Storage on the second level. It should lead to the GUTS and players will have to go to the Fuel Storage next to the Shuttle Bay entrance and elevator, where they’ll find the number one as the last clue.

With all the digits acquired, “Prey” players will have to do a bit of a trial and error to get the right code to be able to unlock the reward.

It is important to note that finding the treasure maps is a must. Those who just put in the code without doing so will be penalized for cheating.

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